One of the most pleasant ways of getting to know a country is getting to know the flavours and aromas of the national cuisine.

During your stay in Poland you will surely try the famous pierogi (a kind of dumplings/large ravioli), żurek (sour soup) or borshch (red beetroot soup). On creating the present Polish cuisine, historic as well as demographic changes, had their great influence, as Poland throughout the ages was home to a mosaic of nations. Therefore you can detect aromas typical for the eastern cuisine, Turkish and Tatar, Mongol and Russian, but also German, Hungarian, French, Italian and Jewish. After a nice, abundant meal and a sweet dessert, you should try the famous in the world and the best in the world Polish vodka or refresh yourself on a hot day with a glass of artisan beer. The vine traditions, once vivid in the south-western Poland, are now reborn and recultivated and more and more often you can taste good quality wine produced in Polish vineyards.