Poland is a country full of interesting and extraordinary places, of which many are on the World’s Cultural Heritage list of UNESCO.

Wieliczka, the famous salt mine, is a true labyrinth of chambers and corridors, carved in the salt stone. Calvaria, in the vicinity of Cracow, with its Bernadine sanctuary is a historical monument, where a cultural landscape becomes a frame for the symbolic presentation of Christ’s Passion in the form of chapels and routes, known also as the Polish Jerusalem. The evangelic wooden Church of Peace, built after the 30-year war in the middle of the XVII century in Jawor and Świdnica near Wroclaw is the largest wooden temple in Europe, and the Old Town of Warsaw, even though seeming authentic, has been completely reconstructed from scratch. Sopot, a famous sea resort, is worth a visit, as it is the most popular Polish summer holiday target and boasts the longest wooden pier in Europe.