Poland is a country where you still can see wild and unspoiled nature.

In many national parks you can observe animals, which elsewhere can be found only in zoological gardens. A patient and attentive observer can discover true treasures of nature. Mazuria and Varmia, regions known as “the land of thousand lakes”, are a perfect place for practising water sports or getting to know the nature from a kayak. The Dunajec river gorge is an unforgettable experience, accompanied by the beauty of Pieniny mountains, and from the mount Gubalowka, accessible with a cable car, you can admire a marvellous panorama of the Tara mountains with their peaks covered with snow. On the Baltic coast the weather may be capricious, but what never lacks is iodium in the air and the white fine sand on beautiful large beaches. The king of the Bialowieza primeval forest is the mighty bison, and the north-east Poland is home to the majority of European storks.